Draw and Fold Over: Dan Pink’s Play and Design

January 7, 2011

This looked like fun so I thought I should share.

You remember that old game where you draw something on one half of the paper and then fold it over so someone else can draw and not see it?

Well here’s the digital version.  Just click on “Start a New One” and your kids are off.

What would I use it for?  I always have kids who get done early in the computer lab.  Instead of fighting them to keep off of the game sites, I think I will have them develop their Design aptitude.  Plus when I did it, it seemed an awful lot like Play!

Draw and Fold Over.


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  1. January 7, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    RT @lessonupgrades: Blog post: Draw and Fold Over: Dan Pink's Play and Design http://bit.ly/dX3lbq

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