Whatever Happened To … opera in elementary school? – washingtonpost.com

February 11, 2010

The Washington Post Magazine

As a lover of the arts, this article really struck home for me.  I immediately thought of Dan Pink, and the aptitudes of Story and Symphony.

What is opera but a human story?  Most of our great and wonderful story lines can be found in opera.  And if you can include all of the actions, lyrics, and music you will develop Symphony.

But what better use of Meaning that to provide a colorful, intense framework for educating young people.  Music is impacting, and the more you know about the piece, the more you can derive its meaning and realize that is is something larger than yourself.   A straight definition of meaning from A Whole New Mind.

But in the article, teacher Mary Ruth McGinn speaks of empathy.  Kids putting their arms around each other after the performance.  They created understanding of each other that would not be possible but for the arts.

A great idea, and a motivation for all of us.

Whatever Happened To … opera in elementary school? – washingtonpost.com.


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