Learn Geography, Help Those In Need-Dan Pink’s Meaning and Play in the Classroom

December 7, 2010

Learn Geography and donate water to those in need. What a great way to create Meaning by simulating the aptitude of Play, both of which are part of Dan Pink’s right-brain aptitudes from his book A Whole New Mind.  Not to mention the reinforcement of effort and practice that are effective Marzano Strategies.  This is a win-win.

Basically you go to the site and play a game in which you label cities and points of interest around the world.  The faster and closer you get to the actual city, the more cups of water you donate.  If you would like more info, go to their FAQ page and check out the details.

Take a few minutes and play this game.  I found a 10-minute period of free time and tried it myself.  Give it a shot.  How many glasses of water can you donate?  What if we took our classes into the lab and had them play this game a few times at the end of the hour?  What if it was just an “extra” for those kids who get done early in the lab?  How many glasses of water could we donate as a group?

Teachers have a powerful position in society, even if you don’t feel like that at the end of the day.  But this is a great way for us to help harness the unique position that we occupy.  I know that as a high school teacher I have 180 students in one day.  So for once our class sizes can work for us!

Give it a shot and let me know.  And let’s post our results right here.  If every visitor to this blog took 100 kids to the lab to play just one game, we could donate over 100,000 glasses of water.  Let’s put some Meaning in our day!


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