Mnemonic Device for Dan Pink’s “A Whole New Mind”

April 5, 2010

Any time I am asked to speak at a conference, one of my main goals is to have every participant leave with something.  With Dan Pink’s Right-Brain skills, I always wanted the audience members to walk out the door and remember all six of the aptitudes from A Whole New Mind.

One of the most effective ways that I have found to accomplish this goal is to use a kinesthetic mnemonic device.  I created different body movements to associate with each aptitude.  And it even worked out that I could group them into two sets of three.  (Brain-based learning!)  The first three aptitudes (empathy, design, story) are associated with the head.  The second six (meaning, play, symphony) are contained within the upper body.

The result has been fantastic.  Since using the mnemonic device, attendees leave the room and actually remember the six aptitudes.  And that is not an easy feat in a 45-minute time span!

I would like to share my technique with you and encourage you to share it with your colleagues who may be interested in applying Dan Pink’s right-brain skills in their classroom.  It really is a great way to quickly memorize the six aptitudes from AWNM.

Video: Dan Pink Mnemonic Device


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