6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations

October 28, 2010

Mashable: 6 Free Sites for Animation

I wanted to share these resources with you from Mashable’s website.

Animation is an excellent tool for nonlinguistic representations, a strategy endorsed by Dr. Marzano.  Animation also challenges students to reach the synthesis level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  All the student is required to do is to create a story that needs to be told.  This can happen in any subject at any age.  And these online sources are easily accessible by students and are totally free of charge.  So even in these difficult budgets, you can still apply 21st Century learning skills.

For Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind aptitudes, animation covers two distinct skills: Story and Design.  Students are required to develop some sort of back story to your lesson.  Maybe the story of cell division.  Then they need to use the skills of design in order to create pictures that efficiently relay the information.

This is an easy upgrade that shouldn’t take much time.  And your students will love it!

6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations.


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