Activity Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, Dan Pink, and a Photograph

November 4, 2010

Analyzing Photos with Bloom and Pink

Do you need a quick activity that lets you apply Bloom’s Taxonomy?  How about a single activity that applies Bloom’s, and the Design aptitude from A Whole New Mind?  Even better, how about an activity that does all of this, yet is flexible enough to act as a “bell ringer” or a central component of an extended lesson plan.

Analyzing a photograph.  This is nothing new, and we most likely do this quite often in an informal way with our students.  But the lesson plan outlined by the UNC School of Education really takes this concept to a new level.

Using a photograph from the Library of Congress UNC applies Bloom’s Taxonomy and gives you appropriate questions for each level.  You can click on  “knowledge” in Bloom’s Taxonomy and get questions like “When was this photograph taken?”.  Or you can click on the Evaluation level of Bloom’s and see questions like “What is the significance of this photo for the time period depicted?”

What a great way to develop the Design aptitude in your students and still be able to state a specific level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  You could use the photo as a warm-up activity and start your students’ day off with some basic knowledge questioning.  You could work through your lesson plan and refer to the photo throughout, gradually guiding your students up the scale of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

And, as students learn to pick up details from the photograph they are also enhancing the AWNM aptitude of design.  This is very similar to Dan Pink’s example of doctors studying art or college students analyzing pictures.

Check out the site.  I think you will find that this activity is an easy upgrade for any lesson plan.

A picture is worth a thousand thoughts.


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