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April 2, 2010

This is some great stuff!

If you are looking at enhancing your students’ design aptitude from AWNM, any lesson plan would benefit from one or more of these templates.

And for those followers of Marzano’s strategies, these templates will let you create graphic organizers, nonlinguistic representations, summary activities, and advanced organizers.

There are templates for story boards, visual brainstorming, and even just some fun fold-up patterns that might help with spacial understanding in elementary school or math classes.

I have never been a designer, so I am always more apt to defer to an artist’s opinion.  And in this case, I have downloaded quite a few of these templates.

As an example of something I would never have thought of myself: The grids will probably help my students to focus on the content of their drawing and free them from the frustration of free-handed balance in their designs.  After all, I want them to get the content of the curriculum as well as develop their design aptitude.

When you have a few minutes to spare, look through the templates.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Free Printable Sketching, Wireframing and Note-Taking PDF Templates – Smashing Magazine.


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