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March 31, 2010

It looks like this Chicago school is going to implement quite a few of Dan Pink’s right-brain aptitudes, even though they did not call them by name.

The article highlights a school that is implementing a new curriculum supported by Partnership for 21st Century Skills.  They will move to a collaborative, inquiry-based learning model with real world applications.  Empathy, design, symphony, and meaning.  And that’s just from A Whole New Mind.

But let’s add some elements from Dan’s new book, Drive.  As the article highlights the move from teacher-led instruction to student-based projects, it seems they are allowing autonomy to flourish.  And by focusing on real-world applications, purpose becomes apparent.  I will assume that students will also experience mastery as they continue to focus on their individual interests.

As you read through the article, it is interesting to see the full-scale implementation of 21st Century Skills, and of course the ideas of Dan Pink.  But I continued to reflect on how I could adopt some of these practices into my traditional classroom.  Could I provide students more autonomy?  Am I keeping their sense of purpose alive?  What about meaning and empathy?

There are any number of small upgrades that can lead us closer to the model from the article.  Collaborative groups and the use of community business leaders are easy upgrades.  Read through and see what you can take from this excellent example of 21st Century Learning in Chicago.

High school puts its eggs in a high-tech basket – chicagotribune.com.


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