Shape Collage Online – Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker

January 26, 2010
World War II Collage

World War II Collage

I ran into this online collage maker which I thought might be a nice tool for student projects.

You basically type in a URL of pictures that you would like to use.  I used the Google image search in the sidebar and changed the word “cats” to whatever I was wanting to use.  I had some trouble making it work some of the times, so I just did my own Google image search and pasted that URL into the box.

I did not try the downloaded version, but it promises more shapes and a bit more flexibility.  But for a quick lesson upgrade the online version is fine.

In A Whole New Mind, Dan Pink talks a a lot about design and visual thinking.  This online tool  might help your students visualize what they are studying.

Shape Collage Online – Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker.


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