Student History Story

December 19, 2009

This  is a student example of a story board created about Pullman Illinois.  I had students read one section from the text and complete a graphic organizer.  Then I took students to a large panel of windows and had them use dry erase markers to draw out that section using any pictures they wanted to convey the information.  Students copied their pictures to the back of the graphic organizers.

After students had finished the chapter in the text and completed their drawings, I asked them to work with a partner to create a story board about any concept from the chapter.  Students were asked to create a story about a fictional individual living  during the time who experienced one or more events from the chapter.

I did not edit this presentation, fighting my teacher instincts to correct the typos.  There are some far-fetched ideas, but I think they will remember Pullman Illinois for quite some time.  The major ideas were conveyed, in my opinion.

Obviously this took some time.  It took me longer to guide students through this process than it would have for me to lecture.  Obviously you couldn’t do this with every unit, but I was able to make time for it on select units.

I think this upgrade develops the aptitudes of Story, Design, and Empathy from A Whole New Mind.  You could do all or part of this project as time allows.


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