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March 10, 2010

Symphony and Design

This android app caught my eye, as I am always looking for technology-based tools for design thinking.

As our students continue to be less and less paper-based, we might find that digital brain storming will become indispensable.  And from a classroom perspective, what a perfect solution to the shortage of whiteboard space and laptops.

Visual mind mapping is a crucial component in the development of the aptitude of symphony from Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind.  And if we can place it literally in the hands of our students, we really can help our kids enhance both their design and symphony aptitudes.

I know that we are not there yet.  But what a great opportunity for the future.  As teachers we need to focus on this opportunity.  Instead of using our energy to eliminate cell phone use among our students, what if we revamped our position and began using them as a tool?  Cell phones may end up being the solution and not necessarily the problem.

Thinking Space Maps Your Mind on Android – Mind Mapping – Lifehacker.


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