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January 28, 2010

I plan on ordering this book in the near future.  Dan Roam’s book The Back of the Napkin was a mind-opening experience for me, and was a building block for implementing Dan Pink’s design aptitude in my international studies class.

Now Mr. Roam has published a guide book that looks like it would be an easy upgrade for any lesson plan.

Looking at the excerpts on his site, it appears that the author has expanded on the concepts in his first book and provided an easy-to-use framework for visual thinking.

Two immediate options that come to mind are the use of mini-whiteboards, which can be cut from shower board at your local hardware store, and the use of windows in your buildings.  Both allow students to use dry erase markers to draw out their brainstorming sessions.

Any time you can have students draw out problems and create solutions by using visual tools, you are acting on the design aptitude from A Whole New Mind.  I am always impressed with my students’ abilities to find creative solutions to complex problems when they use visual tools.



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