Windows as Whiteboards

May 12, 2009

Something simple but effective: Go visual with your windows as a whiteboard!

We have a large windowed foyer at the school where I teach. I had the students read a section from the book and finish a graphic organizer over the section. Then I had them draw it out in groups on the windows with whiteboard markers. When they were done they used a little window cleaner I borrowed from the custodians to clean up. No one even knew we were there.
It is a simple upgrade, but the kids loved it. They made connections that they never would have made.  There is something about drawing things up on a whiteboard that helps people make connections. I was truly impressed by their insight.  I continue to push them towards more details and more visual thinking as they hone their skills.

At the end of the unit they made a glog from all of the story boards they had copied down from the windows.  I’ll include more on those aspects later.
Give it a shot. I think your kids will love it!


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