Education Week: Fine-Arts Techniques Linked With Academics

January 23, 2010

Using the Arts in Education

This is a great article on using the arts in education.  It definitely taps the Right Brain of young learners.

It focuses on the “Opening Minds Through the Arts” (OMA) program.  In this program, opera singers, musicians, and visual artists combine their talents to help core educators teach curriculum.

While students may find it as “play”, the article cites test scores as higher for all students involved in this program.  That’s across the board, regardless of socio-economic background.

And even further in line with A Whole New Mind, the program focuses on collaboration amongst teachers and students, developing the empathy aptitude.

Great program, and a great read.  There must be small scale versions of OMA that can be implemented in our own classrooms.  Most teachers have music teachers and art teachers that they can use as a source.  And I’m sure most of them would jump at the chance to help out.

Education Week: Fine-Arts Techniques Linked With Academics.


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