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Math for Primates Podcast

Math For Primates

This is a pretty cool blog and podcast series.  If you want your kids to find the relevance of math, there are some great ideas here.

If you look through the examples that he provides on the site, you can get some practical upgrades for your math lesson plans.  I’ve always thought that in math, kids should easily be able to find Meaning in what they do.  And to keep them motivated, you are providing them with purpose, and hopefully leading them towards mastery, covering two of Dan Pink’s motivation principles from Drive.

Be sure you look down through the episodes in the sidebar.  And if you scroll down enough you can click on the Math Education category.  They have a podcast focusing on math education, in particular middle school math education.  It is an interesting comparison between math education in Japanese middle schools versus U.S. middle schools.  Have fun!

Math for Primates Podcast.


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