One Story

December 21, 2009

One Story

A number of years ago I read an article about a publication that came out about every three weeks that featured a short work of fiction whose intended length would be a train ride into the city.  I subscribed to One Story and have renewed every year.

When I first read Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind, specifically the aptitude of Story, I already had a background in appreciating the power of short stories.  Pink also mentioned One Story in his portfolio section following the Story aptitude.

I can honestly say that I look forward to receiving my One Story.  Some of the stories appeal to me more than others.  My wife will usually ask what is was about and we may discuss it briefly.  Of course you can always go to the One Story blog and get more details, which you might need to do.  Some of the authors really leave you wondering.

If you want to understand the aptitude of story, short fiction is an outstanding way to do it.  After reading a great work of short fiction, you begin to understand how symbols and cultural references can evoke powerful imagery.  Our students need to understand this skill.  They need to be able to harness the powerful medium of story.

One Story.


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