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February 15, 2010

I’ve been promising that I would post this Story Board Template that I shared at TechNet.

For those of you who have not used Dan Pink’s Story in your classrooms, the template should give you an easy way to start.

In my history classes, I have students create a fictional history story using the story board.  After we have covered a specific period of history, I ask students to create a story board that utilizes the concepts that we have covered.

There are two pieces of advice that I have for you:

1. If you have students draw out different portions of your subject prior to the story board, it will help them set up their “shots” on the template.  In my case I have students draw out each section of our textbook as we cover them.  Students do a graphic organizer over a section, then I take them to some windows and have them use dry erase markers to draw out the major concepts of that section.

2. You might want to cover the main components of a typical Hero Story before you have them begin.  The components that I use are Departure, Initiation, and Return.  The hero departs his homeland or comfort zone, faces adversity (initiation), and then triumphantly returns to his home (or better state of being).

In A Whole New Mind, Dan Pink states that Story is the most important of the right brain aptitudes.  The ability to take complex concepts and pare them down to an engaging narrative are crucial in the information age.  And people remember stories.  I think that my students remember historical concepts at a much higher rate when I use story.


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