December 29, 2009

Story Corps

This resource is listed in Dan Pink’s book A Whole New Mind in the Story portfolio.  I revisited the website in order to review the elements of Story for an upcoming class.

You need to check out the about us section as well as Listen to Stories.

As Dan Pink mentions repeatedly in his book, Story is ingrained in our brains.  How can we get kids to develop this aptitude?

Why not set up a project to interview someone using questions from the question generator from the StoryCorps site?  There are a number of different subjects and an almost endless list of questions.

I have seen teachers doing this with their students in American History.  Students are asked to interview a person from a previous generation about their life.  Many times there are senior citizen groups that will provide you with people from your community who would love to help, and who can be trusted.  Students can usually dig up or check out some form of recorder or camera.

If you’re able to keep things digital, it becomes very easy to set up an archive and share those stories.

If you are looking for a simpler upgrade, try visiting the Listen to Stories page and browse the stories by category (right hand side).  You should be able to find something to enhance your lesson plan.



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