10 Evernote Tips For School – Dan Pink’s Symphony

January 2, 2011

So how do kids these days keep everything organized?  Listen straight from the mouth of one college student who is offering advice on the app known as Evernote.

When Dan Pink speaks of Symphony in A Whole New Mind, he refers specifically to the ability to take many seemingly disconnected thoughts and create a pattern out of the chaos.  I think this article gives us one method of enhancing our aptitude of Symphony, and also provides us an opportunity to pass along some good advice to students of our own.

Take 2-3 minutes and read this article.  I really found it enlightening.  I felt as if I was reading a top secret document on the minds of the millenials.  This is how the newest generation is using our technology.  Their iPhones keep track of everything, thanks in part to the Evernote app.

But the really unique thing is that Evernote doesn’t care what medium you use.  Snap a picture of your car, record a verbal memo, or save a text.  It all gets stored in Evernote.  And to add another element, you can take advantage of the GPS positioning in the iPhone to help you remember what you did where.

Not following?  Let’s go back to that picture you took of your car.  Let’s say you do that on your way into the mall.  Then when you get ready to leave, just ask Evernote to tell you what memos you added when you were near this location.  Boom-There’s the GPS location of where you took your car’s picture.  Now just follow your iPhone.

Need something more academic?  Tell your college-bound students this one: Go paperless.  Now I have tried and it is much harder than it should be to be free of paper.  But I wasn’t thinking like a digital native.  What do college kids do with their old-school paper syllabi?  Snap a picture of it and store it in Evernote.

Our students are on the verge of some great technology.  Take a minute or two to read up and offer your students a way to harness their Symphony.

10 Evernote Tips For School – Education Series « Evernote Blogcast.


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