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Futurity.org – Brain map reveals biology of intelligence

I found this article on brain research, and thought of A Whole New Mind.

The general background of this research was to explore the correlation between IQ tests and brain usage.  Specifically, which brain regions affect our intelligence?

The tentative conclusion: Intelligence is determined by a wide range of areas and the brain’s ability to effectively integrate them.

As Dr. Adolphs stated: “…general intelligence depends on the brain’s ability to integrate—to pull together—several different kinds of processing, such as working memory.”

Integration of brain regions.  Isn’t that Dan Pink’s point of developing our right-brain aptitudes?

By developing design, story, symphony and others, we are pushing our students to integrate multiple brain-based skills.  Combining those aptitudes with left-brained activities should help them to integrate their full mind.

Maybe I am reading too much into the study, but take a minute to read it yourself.  I think it will affect your approach to teaching.

via Futurity.org – Brain map reveals biology of intelligence.


Posted by on April 10, 2010.

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