Futurity.org – Digital sink or swim for college undergrads

April 17, 2010

This article has an interesting take on the “digital divide” and how it applies to college freshmen.

The study looks at 500 college freshmen from California and surveyed their technical computer skills.  The findings looked at high school and home computer skills and found that many students may have used technology for academic purposes, but their actual ability to apply it to their daily lives was lacking.  Since you need computer skills to register, turn in assignments, and communicate with professors in college, students who cannot apply technology are at a definite disadvantage.

That is when I began to think of the aptitude of symphony from Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind.  Instead of going to the lab as an insular event, removed from daily activity, why not make it a part of the larger picture?  Use the technology to solve real-world problems.

This article made me think, and I hope it does the same for you.  What can we do to prepare our students better for their post-high school options?

Futurity.org – Digital sink or swim for college undergrads.


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