Help Your Students Conduct a Better Google Search

January 25, 2011

Google is great, but we all get frustrated at times when we just can’t find what we want.

And what about your students?  If they are like mine, they try one search and then give up.

I think that Google searching is an integral component of developing the  aptitude of Symphony as described by Dan Pink in A Whole New Mind.  How can your kids make connections amongst patterns of information if they struggle with basic internet search?

Part of the answer can be found in this great article from lifehacker, which gives advice on what you should do when Google doesn’t give you what you want.  What’s a good query?  How do you use the “around” function?  What about site-specific search?

If you are not comfortable teaching your kids about these tools, then you really should take a few minutes and read this article before sharing it with your kids.

I know that for my students this article will be required reading before we hit the lab!

The Best Ways to Tweak Your Search When Google Doesn’t Give You What You Want.


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