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January 5, 2010

Cross-curricular Planning in Ohio

This is an interesting article about a project-based middle school in Ohio.  Be sure to read through the “Related Stories” to get some more in-depth background.

Project-based, inter-curricular school structure is an excellent way to develop the Symphony aptitude from A Whole New Mind.  If you read the section about the Tarantula and the Black Widow, you can just imagine the students as they are taking bits and pieces of the story and creating a larger meaning.

Any time you can engage kids and let them explore, I  think you will be developing Symphony.  Even the integrated curricular approach allows students to piece together bits of information from multiple sources and apply them to a central theme.

Even if your school is a traditional, academically-segregated environment, there are ways that you can develop projects that include multiple disciplines.  I know that I have done projects where I need expert help, and I have called in favors from other teachers that might have a planning period during that class time.  I have also teamed up with teachers in other subject areas and combined classes for some projects.  It’s a bit scary to think about, but once you do it you will love it!

Ohio.com – From a seed, a STEM grows.


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