Slashdot Mobile Story | XCore’s EduBook, a Netbook That Runs on AA Batteries

February 13, 2010

Even though this $200 Netbook may not be it, the future is just around the corner.

I have the privilege of teaching half of my day in a classroom setting where every student has a Macbook.  As you can imagine, this has changed my entire approach to education.

But the technology is just a tool that allows me to implement Dan Pink’s aptitudes from A Whole New Mind.  Symphony is the first aptitude that comes to mind.  Students have access to the internet at all times, and student research is a daily activity.

So my job then becomes guide, as I attempt to help student navigate the vast amount of information that they have at their disposal.  The goal is to create meaningful patterns that they can use.

Since most of our information and documents reside in the “cloud” on Google Apps, a large amount of our work could be done with Netbooks.  As the price continues to drop, it becomes obvious that the future is rapidly upon use.  I think that future will be low-cost machines that access and manipulate information stored off-site.  This machine is just another step in that direction.

Slashdot Mobile Story | XCore’s EduBook, a Netbook That Runs on AA Batteries.


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