Social Networks Play a Major Part in How We Get News [STATS]

March 2, 2010
Online News

Online News

This data cries for Dan Pink’s symphony aptitude from A Whole New Mind.

Just take this one statistic: Of those people who get their news online, 75% get that news from forwarded e-mails or social networking sites.

We have to develop our students’ ability to take large amounts of information and find patterns.  How do they tell what is fact?  How do they make sense of the multiple e-mails and posts that abound on the internet?

Take this statistic from Pew Research: Only 7% of Americans get their news from a single media source.  So the vast majority of our students are getting hit with multiple sources.  Half of the people surveyed claimed to access four to six media sources per day!

So the need is there to have the ability to analyze multiple sources and find meaningful patterns.  I keep asking myself: How am I helping my students to discern true value from the barrage of information they receive?  What have I done to develop the aptitude of Symphony?

Social Networks Play a Major Part in How We Get News [STATS].


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