Video Games in Education

December 7, 2009

Here is a very interesting video from Edutopia that I found on Dan Pink’s blog. James Paul Gee, a professor from Arizona State University, argues that creativity, innovation, problem solving and collaboration are the future of eduction. I think you will appreciate his assessment of 21st century skills. This is a perfect example of implementing Daniel Pink’s “Play” (AWNM) into the classroom.
Here are some of my favorite ideas:
Video games are an ongoing assessment, but games make them fun
You need a background in order to understand a subject
Words in a textbook are tools for problem solving
Textbooks should be used like video game instruction manuals
“Language on demand” & “Language just in time”: Providing terms and vocabulary as needed and when it is needed
Gamers are not just consumers, but are becoming producers
Fan Fiction writing sites, a “passion community” actually increases student writing skills
The new “Sputnik”: Global competition
We have “de-professionalized” teaching
Need to make teaching “sexy”

Check out Dan Pink’s impressions on his blog: Games in Education


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