World Internet Usage Statistics News and World Population Stats

February 4, 2010

Internet Statistics

When I ran across this data, the impirtance of Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind began to crystallize.

I think as teachers we are obsessed with teaching technology to our students.  We think that if we can learn the cutting edge technologies, then our kids will be at an advantage.

But our kids in the United States make up less than 15% of the world’s internet users.  So just teaching them to blog will only put them equal with everyone else in the world.  And since they are such a minority of users, then how is it that we expect technology to put them at an advantage?

So instead of teaching technology, I like to think of how I can use technology to teach.  Technology does not lead to innovation.  Technology is a result of innovation and a tool to enhance innovation.

This is where Dan Pink’s right brain aptitudes really will put our kids at an advantage.  They need to be creative thinkers that can apply their problem-solving skills by using whatever technology is available.  If you think about it, the technology we teach will be oudated and quaint by the time our freshmen leave high school.

So don’t teach technology.  Use technology to teach!

World Internet Usage Statistics News and World Population Stats.


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