New Plan Would Let High Schoolers Graduate Early –

February 20, 2010

Wow!  This would be quite a change in our educational system.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I can see some of the advantages.

According to the article,  schools would no longer be held to “seat time” or credits to graduate high school students.  Instead students would take a battery of tests at the end of their sophomore year in order to see if they had achieved “mastery”.

Those of you who have read Dan Pink’s latest book, Drive, can easily see the connection.  Plus, students would be able to attend community college and focus on their future careers, developing “purpose”.

I worry about student maturity, and whether or not they would be ready at age 16 to focus on college.  But after reading Dan Pink’s book, I tend to think that they might just rise to the occasion.

We all should be keeping an eye on this plan.  I have heard about shortening school, using board exams, etc., but this is the first large-scale implementation that I have heard of.  It makes you think!

New Plan Would Let High Schoolers Graduate Early –


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