National Kite Month Lesson Plans

April 4, 2011

Lesson Plans for National Kite Month

So how about some lesson plans for National Kite Month?  I’ve found a few lesson plans, printables,  and worksheets from the National Kite Month site as well as from our lesson plan search engine.

I don’t know about your area, but this weekend was the first nice weekend we have had in quite a while.  And it got me to thinking about some of my favorite Spring memories.  And one that was right there on top is the annual kite festival hosted by our local community college.

My family will plan on meeting friends, pack a picnic lunch, throw in a kite, and head to the campus.  We are always treated with a sky full of kites, flown both by amateurs and advanced hobbyists.

So I started looking for resources on kites and how to use kites in the classroom.

I didn’t have to look far.  National Kite Month has a website specifically for teachers.  (  Not only do they have patterns for kites and kite-based games, they also have kite-based lesson plans broken down by subject.  So if you want to do a geography lesson, why not tie it into kites for National Kite Month?

But then I wanted to go a little further.

So I searched for the term “kites” on our lesson plan search engine, and hundreds of teacher resources came up.  Lesson plans, printables, and worksheets alike.  I have selected just a few to highlight here.  If you wish to see the entire list, please visit our lesson plan search engine and enter the keyword “kites”

Selected Lesson Plans:

A k-2 lesson plan for the science of kites.  Discuss the physics of lift and gravity as students build and fly their own kites.

Another Primary Lesson Plan – Learn the Chinese Zodiac through kites.  Students research and learn about the meaning of kites in China, then they create and build kites based on the Chinese Zodiac.

Geometry through Kites – Angles in rhombi and trapezoids.  Students calculate angles and solidify geometric concepts.  Everything is in the download section on the page.

Selected Printables (add the word “printable” to the search):

Early reading – Connect the letters KITE and create a kite.  Very quick, simple activity

Over 50 Kite Printables from  Everything from math to history to short stories, ready to print out and  use today.


Selected Worksheets (add the word “worksheet” to the search):

Using kites to teach math.  An interesting worksheet that lets you incorporate math problems into a kite theme.  Three worksheets ready to print and use.

A Kite Maze. Something just for fun and a quick activity to remind your students that it is National Kite Month.


So there you are.  Lesson plans, printables and worksheets.  Some from, some from our lesson plan search engine.

Enjoy!  Let me know how it goes.  What did your search find?  Which lesson plans did you like?


National Kite Month.


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